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The Washington Cheese Guild is supported by its membership fees, fundraising, and donations. We are currently working out the exact legal structure and form. The membership structure will likely have the following two tiers:

  • Unregistered or non-paying members.   This group includes the general public who reads the site and registered members who do not pay an annual subscription. These members will be able to access the free portions of the site, participate in WA Cheese Guild events at regular prices, and attend meetings and get-togethers.
  • Paid members.   This group includes those members who are current on annual dues (amount TBD). Paid members will be able to access a members-only section of the site that includes information more relevant for intermediate, advanced, and commercial cheesemakers, such as replicating specific rind styles, commercial cheese howtos, and so on. Paid members will also be able to participate in special Guild activities, benefit from a discount when shopping at the Washington Cheese Guild shop, and much, much more.

While we are finalizing our structure, please register on the site by signing up on our registration page, and join our Facebook group to stay updated on the latest happenings.