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Washington State is a happening place for dairy. It contains a mix of climate zones ranging from rainforest to desert, diverse ecosystems with unique geology and flora, and people with a passion for good food. This makes for a special environment that contributes to many approaches to cheesemaking and corresponding uniqueness of cheeses. And Washington State definitely holds up its own in the dairy world. Check out these statistics:

  • Over 810 dairy farms and 243,000 dairy cows, not to mention goats, sheep, and water buffalo work hard in Washington State to make yummy milk and cheese.
  • While the average cow in the United States produces about 18,000 pounds of milk per year, Washington State cows produce 23,171 pounds of milk.
  • Washington State is the 10th largest producer of milk in the United States, trailing dairy giants like California, Wisconsin, and New York.

The artisan cheese scene is rapidly growing, with many specialty producers crafting artisan and farmstead cheese. Explore them for yourself and follow the Washington Cheese Trail using the map and listings below as a guide. You can also download a Washington Cheese Trail brochure.

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We update our listing whenever we hear of a new licensed cheesemaker. If you're a commercial producer and we have missed you -- sorry. Please help us fix it by contacting us.

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